Amiu, the company concerned with the entire waste disposal cycle in the city of Genoa, hasset up a true ecological platform in the market in Bolzaneto for the collection and division of residues from work in the market. Sixlarge electric compactors (machines with presses to reduce the volume of materials) receive hundreds of kilograms of materials every day, including wood, paper and card, and plastic.

There is also a crate for collecting wooden pallets (also referred to as tertiary packaging) and a sealed container for collecting organic wastes. 

Amiu can now recycle about 80% of the residues produced as a result of various activities in the market. 35% of this material is wood and wooden pallets, 23% is plastic, 12% is cardboard, and 13% consists of organic wastes; only 20% of the wastes cannot be recycled.

Organic wastes are sent to a composting plant, while the remaining materials are sent to various national recycling consortia operating in the recycling facilities in the Amiuarea in Genova Campi.

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