A sustainable centre

Goal: to become Italy’s top food and agriculture centre.

All the phases in processing of goods and logistics are ecologically sustainable

First step: SGM has created a true ecological platform in the produce market in Bolzaneto, where all the residues from the activities that take place in the market are collected and separated

Second step: columns become operative for recharging electric vehicles, as part of a network of 100 infrastructure points set up by the City of Genoa and Enel, laying the foundations for management of the last step in the flow of goods in an entirely sustainable way.

Third step: ten years after the market opened, Spim Genova and SocietàGestioneMercato are redesigning the facility’s future from the roof down, with a project to install facilities for generating electricity from renewable sources in one of the biggest investments in renewable energy in the region in terms of the size of the space involved.