Chamber of Commerce of Genoa

The Chamber of Commerce of Genoa works to develop the economy and business community of the city of Genoa, representing over 70,000 companies that manufacture, transport and exchange goods and services.

The presence of the Chamber of Commerce of Genoa in the shareholding structure of the company operating Genoa Produce Market, with a significant share, 25%, demonstrates that a second generation food and agriculture facility requires not only the regulating function of local government but the private initiative of the dealers themselves, with the skills and capacity for innovation typical of the Chamber of Commerce.

The Chamber of Commerce supports the regional and inter-regional functioning of this facility capable of intercepting flows of goods from lower Piedmont, the coast on either side of Genoa, the Azure Coast, Sardinia and Tuscany.

Its innovative services include promotion of traditional local products and conscious consumption, which the Chamber of Commerce of Genoa has made the focus of its promotional strategy in the area of food and agriculture.

The strategic priorities of the Chamber of Commerce’s promotional policy include infrastructure, with a commitment to construction of a new Tortona/Novi Ligure-Genoa railway line and a new motorway to the north of the city of Genoa, a constant focus on planning decisions concerning the city’s port and logistics, development of a new pole for electronics, robotics and new technologies in general, promotion of traditional local food products and, last but not least, consolidation of the city of Genoa’s new vocation as an attraction for tourists, under the direction of the work team set up to promote the city and the surrounding area.

The Chamber of Commerce of Genoa employs a staff of 133 in its historic premises in Palazzo Tobia Pallavicino, at no. 4 Via Garibaldi, and its new offices at Piazza De Ferrari 2, where public services are concentrated, with an additional office in Chiavari (Corso Genova 24) serving enterprises to the east of the city of Genoa. 

The Chamber of Commerce serves three primary functions: administration, keeping registers of enterprises and professionals, economic promotion and information, and regulation and protection of the market.

In organisational terms, the Chamber of Commerce of Genoa is an autonomous administration governed by a Council of 10 members plus a Chairman, elected by a Board of 32 members representing the economic entities in the province.