Corporate buyers may choose between two loading methods: 

1) Independently, in the parking area: buyers must transport the products purchased directly to the vehicle in the parking lot using their own equipment, not the seller’s. They may move to a different parking spot to facilitate pick-up.

2) Using the Logistics Service supplied by Ambrosiano Group SpA at the northand south logistics access points at either end of the market. Products purchased will be transported from the wholesaler’s warehouse to the access point and loaded onto the vehicle exclusively by the Logistics Service.

Once you have completed your purchases (and assembly of the pallet, where necessary), fill in a bill of lading and give it to the Logistics Service employee, who will pick up the goods from the sellers and put the pallets together (if this service is requested), sending them to one of the two logistics access points. When the lot is ready for loading at the dock, the customer will be notified of the access point (from A1 to A22 orfrom B1 to B27) to bring the vehicle to for loading.

Rates charged by the Logistics Service for loading products purchased:

1) Pallet assembled by the buyer or entire pallet at the dockEuro 3,70
2) Pallet assembled by the customer or loaded in the yardEuro 4,20
3) Medium-sized pallet assembled by the Logistics ServiceEuro 8,20
4) RollEuro 6,20

Basic rate for pallets delivered to the buyer’s address:

5) Entire pallet (assembled by the buyer)Euro 10,00
6) Entire pallet (assembled by the Logistics Service)Euro 18,00
7) Roll or half palletEuro 13,00

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