Società Gestione Mercato superintends the organisation of the market, and specifically:  

  1. a) issues badges to companies and individuals;
  2. b) manages leases with various parties operating in the market;
  3. c) performs administrative procedures; 
  4. d) determines the rules for access and logistics of the market, with which all dealers and individuals must comply;
  5. e) plans marketing campaigns promoting the market through commercial initiativesand events.
For further information, please contact the appropriate representative:
Nino Testini Assistant Manager of the Market
Luisa Ghigliotti Assistant Manager of the Market
Raffaella Pilu Front Office
Virgilio Garofalo Technician

The offices are open Monday through Friday from 7:00 am to 1:00 pm and may also be contacted by telephone at 010 – 8607953.