Corporate buyers may access the following parking areas free of charge:

a) car parking area between the AMIU Area and the Logistics Centre (39 spaces)
b) areas behind the sales warehouses (numbers M1 to M 112), away from the docks
c) area by the motorway: 40 spaces.


Companies making deliveries may unload goods at the bays behind the stands or in the logistics access points to the north and south; no parking is provided for delivery vehicles.


Owners and employees of companies operating in the market must park in the two parking lots at the southern end or under logistics platform in the indoor parking lot.

Parking in the areas identified above is no longer restricted to assigned numbered spaces.


A maximum of 500 vehicles that can access the interior of the market every day.
Vehicles may be parked in the spaces behind the sales warehouses and in the parking spots provided. Vehicles must not transit or park in the north and south loading and unloading areas.
The sales gallery may be accessed exclusively via the eight ramps on around the perimeter of the market. The staircases around the perimeter must not be used.